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Gas Barbecues Grill

เตาปิ้งย่างบาร์บีคิว ลดราคา

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Large / small / mini, built in bar-b-q grills,BBQs pit, for your patio or garden
Lava rock or stone / Cast iron grill / hot plate top / griddle /rotisserie

2 burner, 3 burner, 4 burner, 5 burner, 6 burner BBQ stove with side burners
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Charcoal Barbecues

เตาปิ้งย่างบาร์บีคิว ลดราคา

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Gas BBQ VS Charcoal BBQ

Gas barbeques grill

– Gas barbecues is easy and quick to set up.
– Gas barbecues is easier to clean
– Gas barbeques hold temperatures steadily and easier to turn the heat up and down.
– Gas barbeques has more option (hot plate, side burners, rotisseries etc.)

Charcoal barbeque grill

– Charcoal barbecue can get hotter than standard gas grills
– Charcoal barbecue is cheaper and lower maintenance cost.
– Charcoal barbeques provide the rich smells, and the delicious smoke flavor on the meat.